Hello! I'm James Sanders. I dabble a little in creative writing, though my published work is as a technology journalist. I've also moved around a bit, living in various locations around the United States and Japan.

To learn more about me personally, see my About page. For details of my work in technology journalism, see my Work information.


Since 2013, I've written news and analysis articles for CBS Interactive's professional and enterprise focused IT websites. Primarily, I write for TechRepublic, with special features at Tech Pro Research and ZDNet.

My usual beat is future technology, including quantum computing, artificial intelligence / machine learning, and 5G. I also cover enterprise security, cloud computing, open source software, mobile and satellite communications, and the impact of globalization on the tech industry, with a focus on Asia.

I am a user of and advocate for open source hardware and software, and write regularly about alternative instruction set architectures, such as OpenPOWER and RISC-V, as well as Linux distributions and alternative operating systems, including ReactOS, Sailfish, and Tizen.

You can see my latest and featured articles on Muck Rack, or pitch me at my contact page.


I graduated from Wichita State University, though it was my experience as an exchange student at Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo that inspired me to return to Japan after finishing my degree. I've had the experience of living in sunny Miyazaki Prefecture for nearly two years, after which I returned to Tokyo, before returning to the United States.

Presently, I live and work in Louisville, KY.